Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Archaeologist Shimon Gibson, who was not involved in the dig, said the find was truly amazing, less because of its Roman origins than for its precious nature.

"Jewelry is hardly preserved in archaeological context in Jerusalem," he said, because precious metals were often sold or melted down during the many historic takeovers of the city.

"It adds to the visual history of Jerusalem," Gibson added, saying it brings attention to the life of women in antiquity.


Though Gibson dates the piece slightly later than the antiquities authority, to sometime between the second and fourth centuries A.D., he said its quality and beauty were impressive.
The article also has more details on its discovery, including a shout of "Eureka!"

Meanwhile, the London Times asks, now where's the other one?

The lady who lost that earring must have been upset.

Background here.

UPDATE (heads up, Joe Lauer): Adrian Murdoch replies, Have you tried looking behind the sofa?

Better feel behind the cushions too.