Wednesday, January 28, 2009

THE GOLD COINS recently found in that Jerusalem excavation are covered in a Science Daily article:
Hoard Of Hundreds Of Antique Gold Coins Uncovered In Walls Around Jerusalem National Park

ScienceDaily (Jan. 27, 2009) — One thousand three hundred year old Chanukah money in Jerusalem: a hoard of more than 250 gold coins was exposed December 11 in the excavations the Israel Antiquities Authority is conducting in the Giv ‘ati car park in the City of David, in the Walls Around Jerusalem National Park. The excavations at the site are being carried out on behalf of the Israel Antiquities Authority, in cooperation with the Nature and Parks Authority and are underwritten by the ‘Ir David Foundation.

I can't see anything new in the article, but it's a pretty good summary of past coverage. Background here. Finds from the same excavation are noted here (immediately preceding post below).