Friday, February 13, 2009

THE COURT CASE over the land dispute involving the Syriac Mor Gabriel monastery in Turkey continues (background here) and is generating some international attention:
Because of these allegations, the court hearing about the land dispute has garnered international attention. Yesterday’s hearing was attended by many representatives from the European Syriac community, the European Commission and the Dutch, Finnish and Swedish embassies.

When the representatives walked into the small courtroom in Midyat, which in all likelihood had never before witnessed such a crowded hearing, locals complained that “because of the Europeans, they would not be able to find a place in the room.”

Yılmaz Kerimo, a Swedish parliamentarian of Syriac origin who traveled to Midyat for the hearing, said they were not there to put pressure on the Turkish justice system but rather to observe Turkey’s attitude as it seeks accession to the EU.

“Turkey wants to join the EU. We are here to observe Turkey’s attitude on its way to the EU. We wish this court case had not started in the first place, but we hope it will end in accordance with the law,” he said.
No pressure.