Sunday, March 22, 2009

ARAMAIC WATCH: Ancient Aramaic inscriptions in the UAE:
Where hidden treasures await
Posted on: Sunday March 22 , 2009 12:03:32 PM (GMT+4) (Eye of Dubai News)

From rusty cannons and ancient manuscripts to majestic fishing ships and tombs housing the oldest traces of life in the country, museums across the UAE are home to hidden treasures unknown to most of the country’s residents and citizens.

“Each museum has something special and visitors always leave the museum knowing something new about this country,” says Nasser Hashim Mohammed, the curator of Sharjah Archaeology Museum.


Artefacts from all parts of the country are on show in museums in Sharjah, Al Ain and Dubai, featuring some of the oldest examples of the written word, including Aramaic, Hasaean and Greek inscriptions that have survived on jewellery and pottery that pre-date the Arabic language.

No more information is given, but sounds intriguing.