Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Friedberg Genizah Project Website (FGPW)

The Friedberg Genizah Project (FGP) is an ambitious undertaking which, we hope, will greatly advance Genizah research. One of the main tasks it has set for itself is to computerize the entire corpus of Genizah manuscripts and Genizah-related materials: images, identifications, catalogs, metadata, transcriptions, translations and bibliographical references. FGPW is the Internet Website on which the project’s main results will be displayed.

If you are interested in Genizah research or in Jewish (or Islamic) Studies in general, you are cordially invited to register to the site. If you do not wish to register, you are always welcome to visit its Demo component. The site is evolving and growing constantly. Development and maintenance are carried out by Genazim (FGP Computerization Unit), headed by Prof. Yaacov Choueka.
Some background here.

(Via the Agade list.)