Monday, March 08, 2010

Review of The Sisters of Sinai

THE SISTERS OF SINAI, by Janet Soskice, is reviewed by Lawton Posey in the Charleston Gazette. Excerpt:
Agnes Lewis and Margaret Gibson, the intrepid twins, made their travels to St. Catherine's Monastery in the Sinai desert to study the books stored there in a place not usually open to women. Securing admission through the good offices of a bishop, they did indeed enter the library, ultimately finding an exceedingly rare volume which seemed to be one thing and was discovered to be another. Hidden beneath more modern writings, and by using special chemicals, Agnes and Margaret were able to see revealed before them a very early set of the four Gospels in Syriac. This astounding find was made by two women who had not only made the journey of discovery, but had the audacity to challenge the scholarly community as to the truth of their claims.

Remember, they had no degrees, had attended no university and were largely self-taught.
And here's something I didn't know:
Ultimately, they did receive honors, and even the very Presbyterian-influenced University of St. Andrews gave them both honorary degrees.
Good for us.

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