Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Latest on Ashkelon tomb controversy

THE ASHKELON TOMB CONTROVERSY is covered in an article by the BBC. I can't see anything new in it, but the coverage seems pretty thorough and accurate.
Religious row holds up Israeli hospital

Beth McLeod
BBC News, Ashkelon

The emergency unit at Barzilai Hospital in the southern Israeli town of Ashkelon is dark and cramped. Patients jostle for space along a narrow hallway.

Construction of the planned new casualty ward has stalled due to the latest flare-up in the bitter conflict between religious and secular Jews.

Religious groups oppose building on the planned site because an ancient burial ground has been discovered there.

Dr Ron Lobel, the hospital's deputy director, cannot hide his anger.

"There are only 20 beds in here - you can imagine how it looks when a mass casualty accident happens and more than 100 patients arrive in ambulances."

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