Friday, May 14, 2010

Aramaic music video

ARAMAIC WATCH: Assyrian Aramaic Jewish Song "Yah Ribbon Alam" God is the lord of the World יה ריבון עלם on YouTube, with subtitles in Aramaic, Syriac, and Hebrew. Cool.

(Heads up, Gerald Rosenberg)

UPDATE: Joe Lauer sends the following background note:
Just to let you know with regard to the "Assyrian Aramaic Jewish Song 'Yah Ribbon Alam'" posting, the ArtScroll Siddur notes in part regarding the song, usually sung at the table as part of the Shabbat zemirot: "Kah Ribon's five stanzas form the acrostic Yisrael, the name of the composer, Yisrael [ben Moshe of Najara]. He was a student of the Arizal in Safed during the sixteenth century and later became rabbi of Gaza. It is said that he composed as many as four hundred fifty zemiros."