Thursday, November 11, 2010

More on Israeli High Court's Waqf ruling

TEMPLE MOUNT WATCH: Further to Sunday's post on the Israeli High Court's rejection of a lawsuit to halt the Waqf's illicit excavations on the Temple Mount, Joseph Lauer refers me to an IMRA page that post's Shurat HaDin's press release on the subject. After discussing the specifics of the case, it concludes:
This week the BAGATZ rejected our petition and gave the Islamic Waqf a freepass to continue its destruction of Israel's sacred heritage sites. The justices held that our efforts to safeguard the ancient First Temple artifacts on behalf of world Jewry could not be done by means of a private prosecution. Alternatively, it refused to order the AG to take action against the Waqf.

It is absurd that while the Israeli government is mounting an international campaign against UNESCO to protest its labeling Rachel's Tomb and the Cave of the Macpelah in Hebron as Muslim mosques and denying their Jewish origins, it obstructs Shurat HaDin from acting to safeguard the status of the Jewish people's holiest site.
I'm not a lawyer, but it's hard for me not to come away with the impression that the High Court relied on technicalities to avoid having to rule on this contentious issue. It seems unfathomable that there should be no way to pursue a legal remedy.

On Rachel's tomb etc., see here and here.