Thursday, November 25, 2010

Raphael Golb case chronicled in the Jewish Journal

THE RAPHAEL GOLB identity-theft and sock-puppetry case is chronicled in detail in the Jewish Journal:
Slander, Lies and the Dead Sea Scrolls

By Tom Tugend

The Dead Sea Scrolls, recorded by ancient Jewish scribes some 2,260 years ago, are at the center of a criminal case featuring such 21st century concepts as cyberbullying and Internet sleuthing.

Involved is a high-level cast of characters, including eminent Jewish and Christian scholars in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, and a professor’s son sentenced to six months in prison for his part in the strange affair.

Bitter scholarly disputes are not uncommon, but they are usually kept within the confines of academia or the pages of professional journals. However, the scrolls confrontation, which involved identity theft and defamation of character, came close to ruining the career of a UCLA researcher and blackening the reputation of a prominent New York University (NYU) professor.

Background here and follow the many links back. Mr. Golb is now out on $25,000 bail and is evidently going to appeal the verdict.