Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The 1 Enoch MS at the Remnant Trust

THE MANUSCRIPT OF 1 ENOCH held at the Remnant Trust is back in the news:
Winona Lake group collects historical documents public can touch

March 06, 2011|By Kristin Bien (


If you think rare books and ancient manuscripts are confined to museums, vaults and hollywood movies, you're mistaken. The Remnant Trust in Winona Lake has a growing collection of rare books and historical artifacts.

"We have cool stuff. We have cool books. We have stuff that nobody else has," says Kris Bex, The Remnant Trust president.


One of the Trust's rarest documents is a hand-written book from the mid-1400s.

"This is the Book of Enoch, which is one the lost books of the Bible," says Bex as he opens the book, "this is a manuscript in its original form. It is in a dialect of Ethiopian. And the only other complete manuscript of the Book of Enoch is in a temple on the island of Lake Tana in Ethiopia and there is only one monk who is allowed to even go in and see it."

The interview seems to have suffered some garbling here. This is one of the oldest manuscripts of 1 Enoch, but there are others, some complete and some not. I don't know anything about the manuscript at Lake Tana. For earlier coverage of this story with more information and some comments by James VanderKam, go here.