Monday, May 09, 2011

Jim Caviezel interview on The Passion of the Christ

JIM CAVIEZEL is interviewed by Scott Ross about playing the role of Jesus in Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ:

This via an article by Aisling Redican in Actor rejected from Hollywood for playing Jesus in Gibson’s ‘The Passion’ - VIDEO. Excerpt:
A lot of the criticism the film garnered revolved around the portrayal of Jews as being principally responsible for Christ's death. Caviezel responded to the accusations saying "we are all culpable in the death of Christ. My sins, your sins put Him on that cross. I want my Jewish brothers to see this film. I want people in my own faith who think it's anti-Semitic to see this film."

Though Caviezel praises the film for its portrayal of the last moments in Christ's life, he admits that it has hindered his career in many respects. Despite the negative effects, he asserts that he would do it again if given the chance: "This is what I feel. I believe I was called to play this role...I'm still an actor. I'll always be one, whether I get another job or not."