Wednesday, June 29, 2011

At the Biblioteca Ambrosiana


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Codex Ambrosianus B.21, the earliest complete Syriac Bible (background here, with images from a photolithographic facsimile), open to 2 Baruch. This is the actual manuscript, on display for the Enoch Seminar yesterday.

Liv Ingeborg Lied

L->R: Gianantonio Borgonovo (Ambrosian Library), Liv Ingeborg Lied, Ted Erho, Bob Kraft, Jim Davila

Codex Ambrosianus B. 21, open to the beginning of the biblical book of Ezra (red ink)

Codex Ambrosianus B. 21, colophons page (notes of its transmission history at the end of the codex)

UPDATE (30 June): One more:

The beginning of 4 Ezra (red ink, middle of page, below the blank spot)

UPDATE (1 July): More on the Sixth Enoch Seminar here.

UPDATE (2 July): Another photo:

2 Baruch 21:1, the prayer of Baruch (red ink)

Note (4 July): I have corrected two text attributions above after having a chance to look more closely at the texts.