Friday, March 23, 2012

DSS/OT postdoc at the University of Agder, Norway

JOB: Post-doctoral Research Fellow at the University og Agder, Faculty of Humanities and Education Ref. 18/12.
The postdoctoral position is a part of a four-year project, jointly sponsored by UiA and the Norwegian Research Council, entitled “Biblical’ Texts Older than the Bible” (the project description may be obtained by contacting Examples of thematic fields relevant for the project include the interplay between so-called ”authoritative” writings, other texts and the social context in the second temple period, ”biblical” diversity in the second temple period (different recensions and reworked ”scripture”), or use of new/material philology in text editions of and interpretation of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Other desiderata in Qumran research with relevance for the project will also be considered.
This is a three-year full-time post and the application deadline is 25 April. Background on the project is noted here.