Thursday, August 23, 2012

Second Shoshana Collection auction

The Shoshana Collection of ancient Judaean coins, Part 2, comes to Long Beach from Heritage Auctions

BEVERLY HILLS, CA.- A five-year run of silver shekels struck by Judaean rebels during the Jewish War against Rome, circa 66-70 AD, highlights the second half of the world-famous Shoshana Collection of Ancient Judaean Coins, offered by Heritage Auctions the evening of Wednesday, Sept. 5, during the Long Beach Coin & Collectibles show.

The Jewish War section, lots 20105-20128, includes multiple examples of the silver shekels and half-shekels, dated Year 1 through Year 5, struck by Judaean forces engaged in a titanic struggle against the Roman Empire.

“All of these coins are in wonderful condition and their stark imagery beautifully conveys the devotion and convictions of the courageous Jewish rebels,” said David Michaels, Director of Ancient Coins for Dallas-based Heritage Auctions. “This sale shows the great breadth and depth of the Shoshana Collection. The first Shoshana sale last March was already the greatest offering of Judaean coins every brought to public auction, and the second half is – in many ways – a reprise of the first.”

The article has more details on the lot coming up for sale. As always, I encourage philanthropists to buy the best pieces and donate them to a museum. Failing that, please do make them available to scholars who want to study them and publish on them. It will only increase their value.

Background on the first Shoshana Collection sale is here and links.