Saturday, November 03, 2012

Website: Associations in the Greco-Roman World: A Sourcebook

PHILIP A. HARLAND: Associations in the Greco-Roman World: A Sourcebook.
Welcome to the companion site to Associations in the Greco-Roman World: A Sourcebook (= AGRW).

Using tools in the right sidebar, you can browse or search a growing online database of inscriptions and papyri about associations, immigrant groups, and guilds in the ancient Mediterranean, including many documents that do not appear in the book (marked with an asterisk*).

The plan is to have more translations and photos contributed to this website by scholarly experts around the world with coordination by Richard S. Ascough, Philip A. Harland, and John S. Kloppenborg ...
Philip adds in an e-mail:
Basically, users of the site can browse through hundreds of inscriptions (450 so far) involving guilds, immigrant groups, and other associations in the ancient Mediterranean. The user can browse by geography and by topics (including gods). There is also a feature I called "selected exhibits" on (hopefully) interesting topics to a general reader (with about 10 inscriptions in each exhibit). There are many documents with English translations, and the user can choose to view just those (in selected exhibits). One of the selected exhibits is for Judeans in the diaspora. The plan is to continue to expand the websitewith more inscriptions relating to these groups.
This looks like a very useful resource.

Philip Harland also runs the Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean Blog.