Sunday, October 27, 2013

Review of Michalak, Angels and Warriors in Late Second Temple Jewish Literature

DIGLOTTING (KEVIN BROWN): Book Review: Angels and Warriors in Late Second Temple Jewish Literature. Excerpt:
What I learned from this book is the (somewhat previously neglected) literary presentations of militaristic and warlike functions of angelic beings. Michalak presents his study in such a way so as to show how the growth of militaristic angelology may be the result of an increasing focus on particular biblical motifs, e.g. the divine council and the Divine Warrior depiction of Yahweh. The increasing representation of angels as warriors should not come as a major surprise, however, when one takes into account the trend in the Second Temple period of angels adopting functions that were originally ascribed to Yahweh. Thus, Yahweh’s role as the Divine Warrior gradually shifts onto his heavenly retinue.
I don't seem to have noted this Mohr Siebeck book. How on earth did I miss it?

(HT James McGrath on Facebook.)