Friday, December 20, 2013

DSD 20.3

A NEW ISSUE OF DEAD SEA DISCOVERIES (20.3) has been published. This is a special issue on the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Hebrew Bible edited by Mladen Popović and Reinhard Kratz. TOC:
Editorial Note

Authors: Reinhard Kratz ; Mladen Popović
pp.: 347–348 (2)

The Hebrew Bible and/as Second Temple Literature: Methodological Reflections

Author: Andrew Teeter
pp.: 349–377 (29)
The Redaction History of the Sinai Pericope (Exod 19–24) and its Continuation in 4Q158

Author: Christoph Berner
pp.: 378–409 (32)
Torah for “The Age of Wickedness”: The Authority of the Damascus and Serekh Texts in Light of Biblical and Rewritten Traditions*

Author: Molly M. Zahn
pp.: 410–432 (23)
Jeremiah between Destruction and Exile: From Biblical to Post-Biblical Traditions

Author: Ronnie Goldstein
pp.: 433–451 (19)
From the Book of Jeremiah to the Qumranic Apocryphon of Jeremiah

Author: Devorah Dimant
pp.: 452–471 (20)
Attitudes to Gentiles in the Minor Prophets and in Corresponding Pesharim*

Authors: Anselm C. Hagedorn ; Shani Tzoref
Requires a paid personal or institutional subscription to access.