Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Ben-Dov and Sanders (eds.), Ancient Jewish Sciences

ONLINE PREVIEW: Ancient Jewish Sciences and the History of Knowledge in Second Temple Literature. Editors: Jonathan Ben-Dov and Seth L. Sanders. TOC:

1. Introduction
Jonathan Ben-Dov and Seth L. Sanders

2. Enoch and the Beginnings of Jewish Interest in Natural Science
Philip Alexander

3. Enoch’s Science
James VanderKam

4. “I Was Shown Another Calculation” (חשבון אחרן אחזית): The Language of Knowledge in Aramaic Enoch and Priestly Hebrew
Seth L. Sanders

5. Philological and Epistemological Remarks on Enoch’s Science: Response to Papers by Seth L. Sanders and James VanderKam
Loren Stuckenbruck

6. Ideals of Science: The Infrastructure of Scientific Activity in Apocalyptic Literature and in the Yahad
Jonathan Ben-Dov

7. Networks of Scholars: The Transmission of Astronomical and Astrological Learning between Babylonians, Greeks and Jews
Mladen Popović

8. “Ancient Jewish Sciences” and the Historiography of Judaism
Annette Yoshiko Reed

A Bibliography for Ancient Jewish Sciences
Looks excellent.