Monday, March 24, 2014

Eleventh anniversary

HAPPY ELEVENTH BLOGIVERSARY TO PALEOJUDAICA! It's been a busy year for me and a good one, with two big books that were long-term projects finally published. Below I have listed some of my favorite PaleoJudaica posts from the last twelve months. Also, it's worth noting that this year PaleoJudaica passed the 10,000-post mark and the current count as of this post is 10,348. Past anniversary posts are here and links.

Update on Davila's forthcoming books
Conference reports
7th Enoch Seminar
Enoch Seminar, Camaldoli, La Verna, and Rome
BNTC wrap-up
Search engine referrals
Anxious Ezra varia
Old Testament Pseudepigrapha: More Noncanonical Scriptures, Vol. 1
EerdWord post on MOTP
SBL 2013
SBL 2013 highlights
Brannan's tweets on MOTP1 collected
Treatise of the Vessels interview
Treatise of the Vessels update
Treatise of the Vessels latest
MOTP1 reviews online
Raphael Patai Prize winner

Thanks for reading PaleoJudaica! Please keep coming back and keep bringing your friends.