Monday, April 28, 2014

GJW: recent related blog posts on Coptic, papyri, and legal issues

THE GOSPEL OF JESUS' WIFE remains a live subject for now.

First, Coptologists continue to comment on it and the reasons for concluding it is a forgery.

Alin Suciu: The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife Papyrus. Final Considerations

Christian Askeland: The forgery of the Lycopolitan Gospel of John

Incidentally, if you would like to know more about the Lycopolitan dialect of Coptic, Peter Nagel has an informative online article at the Claremont Coptic Encyclopedia: Lycopolitan (or Lyco-Diospolitan or Subakhmimic).

Second, David Meadows is starting a new Papyrus Series over at Rogue Classicism. It will be on recent papyri discoveries and it sounds as though the GJW and the the new Sappho papyrus will receive attention in due course. The series begins with The Papyrus Series I: Egyptian Soldier Letter Home.

Third, I've been meaning for a while to note a blog post at Faces and Voices by Roberta Mazza on the legal issues of dealing with unprovenanced fragments like the GJW and the Sappho papyrus: Papyri, private collectors and academics: why the wife of Jesus and Sappho matter.

Background on the GJW is here and links.