Monday, May 19, 2014

Zohar Dictionary

DANIEL C. MATT: Zohar Dictionary.
Daniel Matt : This is a partial Zohar dictionary, composed over the past 17 years while working on The Zohar: Pritzker Edition. It takes a little getting used to, since it follows the order of the English alphabet, although the entries represent the transliteration of Aramaic (and Hebrew) words and roots. It will be useful for those working (and playing) with the original Aramaic text. It appears in three parts (A-N, O-S, T-Z). My reconstructed Aramaic text of the Zohar (based on numerous Zohar manuscripts) is available on the website of Stanford University Press
HT Judy Barrett. Background on Daniel Matt's groundbreaking edition and translation of the Zohar is here, with links going back a decade.

Hmmm ... perhaps I should publish my private Hebrew glossary of the Hekhalot literature someday in a similar format.