Thursday, January 08, 2015

Moss on the Via Dolorosa

CANDIDA MOSS: Oops! Jesus’ Last Steps Are in the Wrong Place. The discovery of the site where he was sentenced to die confirms that pilgrims are off course in Jerusalem (The Daily Beast).
The unveiling of this site marks a fine confluence of archeology and biblical text; it is a wonderful opportunity for people to visit an important Christian site. The only problem is that for hundreds of years tourists have already been visiting the site of the trial of Jesus, in a completely different part of Jerusalem. The Via Dolorosa or “Way of Sorrows,” the road that Jesus is believed to have travelled as he carried his cross from his trial to his crucifixion, is currently at the top of must-see lists of religious attractions for visitors to the city. Each year more than a million Christian pilgrims visit Jerusalem hoping to retrace the steps of the Savior.
Bibliobloggers are cited. Background here.