Monday, April 27, 2015

Koren on Tyrian Purple Pigments and Dyes

ASOR BLOG: Setting the Archaeo-Chemical Record Straight Regarding Tyrian Purple Pigments and Dyes. Professor Zvi C. Koren presents his 2014 ASOR paper for ASORtv. I haven't yet watched the presentation, but the abstract says tantalizingly:
A critical reanalysis of Pliny’s and the Talmud’s writings, combined with the archaeological record and with modern laboratory experiments on all-natural dyeings that I have performed, have provided new insights into this craft.

My findings show that there have been significant misinterpretations of the biotechnological process associated with the molluskan purple pigment and of its uses in textile dyeing and stone painting.
It will be interesting to see what impact his research has on recent efforts to resurrect the biblical tekhelet dye.