Saturday, August 29, 2015

More evidence that the GJW is a forgery

NT BLOG: The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife: “Patchwork” Forgery in Coptic . . . and English (Guest post by Andrew Bernhard).
With the now overwhelming evidence that the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife is dependent on Grondin’s Interlinear in Coptic . . . and English, I think it is now reasonable to assert simply that the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife was forged using Grondin’s Interlinear. Given this assumption, the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife papyrus fragment must have been forged sometime after November 2002 (when the PDF version of Grondin’s Interlinear containing the typographical/grammatical error also found in line 1 of the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife was put online) and before the Summer of 2010 (when it was first brought to the attention of Karen King).
This looks convincing to me.

Background here and links.

UPDATE (31 August): More here.