Friday, August 21, 2015

Tekhelet promotional raffle

TRY YOUR LUCK: ‘Ptil Tekhelet’ Renews Monthly Tallit Raffle for Engaged Couples. Engaged Jewish couples can enter to win a prayer shawl tied with the ancient "ptil tekhelet" blue woolen thread (Hana Levi Julian,
Are you engaged to be married, or perhaps there is an upcoming nuptial in your family? If so, the happy couple is eligible to enter a contest to win a prayer shawl tied with the ancient “ptil tekhelet” sky-blue woolen thread.

To enter, just send a wedding invitation to the Ptil Tehkhelet [Sic] organization at The Israeli nonprofit group promotes, educates and produces what is believed to be the authentic “tekhelet” of the ancient Hebrews.

Much more on the ancient biblical tekhelet dye is here and links. As you can see at the link, it seems that the modern attempts to reconstruct the dye are not unproblematical. I mentioned the Ptil Tekhelet Foundation (also spelled P'til Tekhelet) here back in 2003.