Monday, September 14, 2015

Bauckham response regarding eyewitnesses

THE JESUS BLOG: Richard Bauckham Responds.

For background see my earlier post: Eyewitness accounts. A couple of other past posts that seem relevant to the discussion are here and here.

My view at present? The Gospels may well reflect a large amount of eyewitness testimony, although, as I have said before, I am happier drawing generalizations from them than relying on any specific story as historical. Jesus was a healer and an exorcist who taught about the Kingdom of God and perhaps about the Son of Man — not to say that it is particularly clear what he meant about either subject. Also, he was reputed to have had a special, divinely attended birth and some of his disciples reported that he remained in contact with them after his death. I accept that something like this account of him probably goes back to his lifetime and the lifetimes of his closest followers. That said, what these eyewitnesses experienced was embedded in a cultural framework very, indeed nearly unimaginably, different from ours. For them, Jesus was an intermediary with the divine and did the things such intermediaries do. If we obtained time-travel 3-D stereophonic videos of the events, they might look rather different to us.

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UPDATE: I should add that my view as summarized above is much influenced by Pieter Craffert's book The Life of a Galilean Shaman (Cascade/Matrix, 2008).