Friday, October 16, 2015

Book sale

PHILOLOGY: A Seminary Sells a Diverse Range of Books (EVE M. KAHN, NYT).
St. Charles Borromeo Seminary, which hosted Pope Francis a few weeks ago, is downsizing its art and book collections while shrinking its campus in Wynnewood, Pa., near Philadelphia.


On Oct. 27, Swann will offer about 250 volumes from the seminary. The auction lots (with estimates starting at a few hundred dollars each) spotlight the wide-ranging interests of the faculty members. In addition to world religions, the topics include honeybees, plant names, medieval Norwegian conquerors, ancient Roman food, Danish explorers in Arab lands, Persian explorers in China, French fireworks, Egyptian geography and Italian coin collections. The text languages include Icelandic, Breton, Slavonic, Maltese, Armenian, Kurdish, Coptic, Persian, Syriac, Tibetan, Sanskrit and Burmese.

The book in the photo is in Syriac. Cross-file under Slavonic Watch, Armenian Watch, Coptic Watch, and Syriac Watch