Sunday, October 25, 2015

Spanish websites

MATTERS PALEOJUDAIC IN SPANISH: First, on Christian origins, Orígenes Del Cristianismo.
The Group research on the origins of Christianity (GISOC) is formed by students and scholars from various Spanish universities that for years have been working together and developing joint projects.
Our goal as a group is to study from an interdisciplinary perspective the formative period of Christianity (approx. 30-180 AD), taking into account the various factors involved in this process, both historical and contextual, as the literary and theological.
The group's activities include seminars, symposia and joint publications and the organization of a university graduate.
This English summary comes from reader "Manuel HG," who runs the new website Masora digital. estudios bíblicos en español.

And it is worth mentioning again the interesting blog by Tomas Garcia-Huidobro: Experiencias Religiosas y Escrituras: temprano misticismo judío, cristiano, y gnóstico como medios para iluminar los orígenes del cristianismo, which I have already noted here.