Saturday, January 09, 2016

The Inn at Lydda

NEW TESTAMENT APOCRYPHA WATCH: THE INN AT LYDDA, by John Wolfson, is playing at the Liverpool Playhouse this autumn:
John Wolfson’s play The Inn at Lydda will be performed in the Playhouse in September (Full dates TBC). John is Honorary Curator of Rare Books for the Globe, a playwright and author of William Shakespeare and the Short Story Collections. Based on a reference in the New Testament Apocrypha, the play follows Tiberius Caesar and a remarkable meeting with Jesus Christ in Judea. Having opened the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse in 2014, the Globe is now actively planning its very own library and archive on site, on London’s Bankside. John has generously agreed to bequeath to the Globe an important collection of rare and valuable volumes, including a First Folio and Quarto editions. Having these texts will cement the Globe’s reputation as the first point of reference for teaching, research and interpretation of Shakespeare in performance.
Additional details are here:
Based on a story in the New Testament Apocrypha (The Death of Pilate), written in 1997. The play follows the story of Tiberius Caesar who learns of a healer in Judea called Jesus. Being ill of a fistula, Caesar sets sail for the Holy Land to be healed, not realising that Jesus has been crucified a few days before. But as Caesar arrives in Judea some time between the Resurrection and the Ascension, a remarkable meeting between Caesar and Christ takes place.
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