Friday, February 12, 2016

Kristianpoller, Traum und Traumdeutung im Talmud — Hebrew translation

Traum und Traumdeutung im Talmud

(Dreams and their interpretations in the Babylonian Talmud)

By Alexander Kristianpoller

Publisher: The Hebrew University Magnes Press
Jewish Thought, Talmud
Publish date: January 2016
Language: Hebrew
Danacode: 45-131132
ISBN: 978-965-493-850-1
Cover: Hardcover
Pages: 196
Weight: 650 gr.

The present comprehensive and orderly collection of texts from the Babylonian Talmud allows a deep insight into the knowledge of the rabbis about the importance and decryption of dream experiences and dream messages.
It covers, inter alia, the emergence of dreams and their healing power, mysterious Atonement and possibilities of influencing the content of a dream, nightmares, dream and prophecy, sexual dreams, rules and techniques of dream interpretation.
The Talmudic texts are added through detailed explanations and contemporary Jewish and non-Jewish parallels.

This book was first published in Vienna in 1923. It is Kristianpollers' thesis, written in his 20s. The thesis was finished as a book in 1914 but publication was delayed due to the first world war.

The Hebrew translation was initiated by the authors' son, Professor Nahum Kristianpoller, in memory of his parents who perished in the Holocaust.