Thursday, February 18, 2016


A NEW JESUS MOVIE: Is 'Risen' A Sequel To 'The Passion Of The Christ'? They Share Some Important Details (KATHERINE CUSUMANO, BUSTLE). The short answer to the question is no, but the new film does take off where Passion ends.
Risen stars Joseph Fiennes as a Roman centurion named Clavius, who's charged with investigating the circumstances of Jesus's death in the 40 days following his crucifixion. Pontius Pilate sends him to track down the missing, presumably stolen, body of Christ to quell talks of resurrection in the days just before the Emperor is slated to visit the region. Chronologically, it takes place just following the events of The Passion of the Christ. This makes it a plausible sequel to the Mel Gibson hit, but it's not an official follow-up to the 2004 breakout Biblical film.
Also, Risen does not appear to use ancient languages in its dialogue, which is a pity. There is a trailer at the link.

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