Thursday, March 03, 2016

JQR 106.1 (2016)

A NEW ISSUE OF JEWISH QUARTERLY REVIEW (Volume 106, Number 1, Winter 2016) has been published. TOC:

‘‘Cities Surrounded by a Wall from the Time of Joshua Son of Nun’’ as a Rabbinic Response to the Roman Pomerium
pp. 1-20
Eyal Ben-Eliyahu

Jewish Medieval Traditions concerning the Origins of the Kabbalah
pp. 21-41
Oded Yisraeli

Rabbi David Oppenheim on Trial: Turks, Titles, and Tribute in Counter-Reformation Prague
pp. 42-75
Michael Laurence Miller

Wreaking Judgment on Mount Esau: Christianity in R. Kook’s Thought
pp. 76-100
Karma Ben Johanan

Bibliographical Essay
A Century of Hebraica at the Library of Congress
pp. 101-129
Brad Sabin Hill

p. 131

Recent Dissertations
pp. e1-e3
Bonnie L. Blankenship
The abstracts are free, but access to the articles require a paid personal or institutional subscription.