Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Size of the Jerusalem Kedem Center still being debated

MORE DOWNSIZING, THAT IS: Leftist group demands downsizing of structure near Jerusalem's Old City. Ir David Foundation says Kedem Center would strengthen the capital by celebrating its shared history. (DANIEL K. EISENBUD, Jerusalem Post).
Despite considerable pressure from the left-wing NGO Emek Shaveh to radically downsize the contested Kedem Center, being built by a right-wing group near the Old City walls at the entrance to Silwan, Emek Shaveh leader Yonotan Mizrahi said it was unlikely that the opposition would succeed.

“We got the feeling that they will approve what has already been approved for the center,” Mizrahi said following a Tuesday morning hearing by the National Planning and Building Committee.

Last May, the committee approved a scaled-down version of the controversial 16,000-square meter visitors’ compound, to be operated by the Ir David Foundation (Elad) over an active excavation site.

That story was noted here back in June of last year. Follow the links for the whole story, which goes back some years.