Sunday, June 12, 2016

Interview with Bruce Longenecker

CRUX SOLA BLOG: Interview: Bruce W. Longenecker on Pompeii (Gupta).
Dr. Bruce W. Longenecker is professor of early Christianity and W.W. Melton Chair of Religion at Baylor University. (I am proud to say Longenecker is a fellow grad of Durham!)

Recently Longenecker published the fascinating book, The Crosses of Pompeii: Jesus-Devotion in a Vesuvian Town (Fortress, 2016). I got the book immediately when it was released and devoured it in a matter of days – it is gripping archaeological and historical research! Longenecker agreed to be interviewed about his book on Pompeii; first, you can read the basic description. If the topic interests you, take my advice and read it. You won’t be disappointed!

HT AJR. Cross-file under New Book. For numerous past posts on Pompeii, see here, here, and here and follow the links.