Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Was Hebrew almost the official language of America?

BREAKING ISRAEL NEWS: How Hebrew Almost Became the Official Language of America (Tsivya Fox).
It is noted that a vote was taken on the Mayflower as to which language the new settlers would speak in the New World. Hebrew apparently lost by only one vote.

In 1780, Hebrew was once again proposed as the official American language as the pioneers had an extreme dislike of anything British, including the English language. Marquis de Chastellux, a companion to George Washington, recorded that Americans “have seriously proposed to introduce a new language; and some, for the public convenience, would have the Hebrew substituted to the English, taught in the schools, and used in all public acts.”

Marquis de Chastellux writes that at the time of the American Revolution, “certain members of Congress proposed that the use of English be formally prohibited in the United States, and Hebrew substituted for it.”
I'm skeptical, but cross-file under "Too Good to Fact Check." The information about the Hebrew on the seals of the three Ivy League Universities is correct.