Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A Metatron crop circle?

ARCHANGEL METATRON WATCH: Who or What Made This Mothership Crop Circle? (Allie Beckett, - really).

Gueeess whooo?

Mothership Glass is famous for creating some of the most expensive glass pieces in the world, but do they also make crop circles?

This astonishing crop circle popped up in the UK countryside a few days ago. Astonishing because, well, it’s nearly an exact replica of the Mothership Glass logo.

Yes, this crop circle really did appear overnight in Wiltshire, England, last week. But wait! There's more:
Looking deeper into the sacred geometry of the crop circle, you can see that there is a hidden star tetrahedron in the Metatron Cube lying on the more noticeable Flower of Life pattern. Interestingly, the only repeated letter is “H,” while all the other letters are unique symbols.
People are pertinently asking: Was this crop circle created by a bong company? Well, we already knew all about Metatron and cannabis. You can see a Metatron's cube here (cf. here and here).