Wednesday, September 07, 2016

More on those floor tiles

TEMPLE MOUNT WATCH: Yesterday the Temple Mount Sifting Project announced that they have recovered and reconstructed ancient tiles which they are confident paved the courtyards of the Herodian Temple. This story has received some attention from the media. Here are some of the articles:

Jerusalem Biblical Temple floor designs 'restored' (BBC)

Archaeologists Restore Second Temple Flooring From Waqf's Trash (Nir Hasson and Ruth Schuster, Haaretz)

Archaeologists restore ancient tiles from Second Temple in Jerusalem (Daniel K. Eisenbud, Jerusalem Post)

Reader Yoel also has pointed me to this video on the story (in Hebrew).

Also, the Temple Mount Sifting Project Blog notes the following: The Sifting Project and the Temple Denial at Megalim Conference.
On Thursday, September 8th, our project is making a splash at this year’s Megalim Conference focusing on Temple Denial. This is followed by a sifting demonstration and the opportunity for conference participants to sift buckets of earth from the Temple Mount. Afterward, Zachi Dvira will lecture about the archaeological evidence from the Temple Mount from the First and Second Temples and Frankie will speak about her research about the Herodian Temple Mount floors.
The conference will be live-streamed with English translation. Follow the link for details.

Background to the story is here. There are many, many past posts on the Temple Mount Sifting Project. Start here and just keep following those links, or run the phrase through the blog search engine.