Wednesday, October 26, 2016

More on the Samaritan Ten Commandments tablet

EPIGRAPHY: The media has taken notice of the imminent auction of the "Yavneh 10 Commandments Stone" by Heritage Auctions. I have found several stories on it. All of them seem to be based on the information given at the Heritage Auctions web page. The first below is the most thorough.

Earliest 10 Commandments Tablet Slated For Heritage Auctions (Fine Books and Collections)

Earliest Ten Commandments Tablet On Auction in Beverly Hills (JNi.Media/The Jewish Press)

Got $250,000? Earliest known 10 Commandments inscription up for auction (Grace Williams, Fox News)

Ten Commandments Up for Sale? What the Ancient Document Is Going For (CBN News)

Background here.