Monday, October 31, 2016

More on the Syriac mosaics in Turkey

APOCRYPHICITY: Mosaics Discovered of “Christian king” Abgar (Tony Burke). Professor Burke gives some background from legends about King Abgar V and his supposed correspondence with Jesus in apocryphal material preserved by Eusebius.

In addition, at Lootbusters, Dorothy Lobel King (who also drew my attention to the link above) has a post up about some other mosaics with Syriac inscriptions which seem to have been looted from Turkey since 1970: Edessa: Mosaics with Syriac inscriptions, families and Orphic scenes.
Mosaic works stolen from Sanliurfa Province, Turkey.

Please note that DK identified other mosaics from this group, which were not reported stolen, but which turned out to be amongst the set of photographers the looters took at the site. Any mosaics in this very distinct style - Orphic scenes, Syriac inscriptions, women wearing hair piled high and covered in veils - are almost certainly looted from Edessa post 1970.
Follow the link for photos, translations of the inscriptions, and descriptions.

Background here. Cross-file under New Testament Apocrypha Watch.