Monday, October 10, 2016

P-s-e-u-d-e-p-i-g-r-a-p-h-a revisited

THERE'S THAT WORD AGAIN: Watiyangla Kichu is Nagaland Spelling Bee Champion 2016 (The Morung Express).
Watiyangla Kichu, a Class 12 student from Model Hr. Secondary School, Kohima [India] won the coveted title of the 5th Nagaland Spelling Bee Championship 2016 on Saturday, at the Capital Convention Centre here. “The preparation was intense. But I won not because of my ability but because of God’s grace. Luck and God’s grace was on my side,” commented Watiyangla after the announcement of the winner.


The final round consisted of ten rounds where Watiyangla and Vetho Ringa, who won the second position, had to spell out words such as Pseudepigrapha, Tracasseries, Pappardelle, Bezique, Dachshund etc. From the ten rounds, Watiyangla spelled five words correctly while Ringa could only spell two words. The winning words for Watiyangla were Flugelhorn, Gauche, Braille, Ubiquitous.

My emphasis. This is a word that spelling competitors should know. Cross-file under Old Testament Pseudepigrapha Watch.