Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Zevit (ed.), Subtle Citation, Allusion, and Translation in the Hebrew Bible

Subtle Citation, Allusion, and Translation in the Hebrew Bible
Edited by
Ziony Zevit
American Jewish University

ISBN-13 (Hardback) 9781781792667
Price (Hardback) £60.00 / $100.00
ISBN-13 (Paperback) 9781781792674
Price (Paperback) £19.99 / $29.95
Publication 01/10/2016
Pages 256
Size 234 x 156mm
Readership scholars

Biblicists have long been aware that some compositions in the Bible cite and allude to other compositions. At times these practices are obvious; often, however, they are not. Essays in this volume focus on subtle, not-so-obvious, unrecognized cases of citation and allusion as well as on unrecognized ‘translations’ from other languages and references to motifs in the plastic arts. Individual authors address unapparent cases and the methodological considerations on which their status as ‘genuine’ can be established. The essays in this volume are significant because of the methodological considerations and cautions that they describe and the varied texts that they analyze. Biblicists drawing on insights from this book will be able to provide thicker descriptions of Israelite literature and literacy and to construct relative chronologies of biblical compositions with greater accuracy than has been possible until now.
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