Friday, January 20, 2017

Looting arrests at Horbat Mishkena

BUSTED: Caught red-handed: 11 grave robbers arrested at northern ruins. Authorities arrest 11 grave robbers in the process of robbing ruins of ancient Jewish town mentioned in the Talmud (Arutz Sheva).
A team of antiquities raiders was apprehended at Horbat Mishkena, an archaeological site of a Roman-era Jewish town near the Golani Junction in the Lower Galilee.

The team of thieves, which was comprised of eleven Arabs, was apprehended by a squad from the of Robbery Prevention Unit of the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA), acting in conjunction with the police and border guard volunteers.

The suspects were caught while digging illegally in the ancient shelter system and causing a great deal of damage to the site.

With video of the arrest. There were looting arrests near the same site just a little over a month ago.