Sunday, January 08, 2017

More on Textual History of the Bible

Textual History of the Bible

Edited by: Armin Lange (General Editor), Emanuel Tov, Matthias Henze, Russell E. Fuller, Hanna Tervanotko and Sidnie White-Crawford

The Textual History of the Bible (THB) is unique in providing, for the first time, all available information regarding the textual history, textual character, translation techniques, manuscripts, and the importance of each textual witness for each book of the Hebrew Bible, including its deutero-canonical scriptures.
In addition, it includes articles on the history of research, the editorial histories of the Hebrew Bible, as well as other aspects of text-critical research and its auxiliary fields, such as papyrology, codicology, and linguistics.

The Textual History of the Bible will consist of:
Volumes 1A, 1B and 1C: The Hebrew Bible (2016/2017)
Volumes 2A and 2B: Deuterocanonical Scriptures (2017)
Volumes 3 A, 3B and 3C: A Companion to Textual Criticism (2019)
Volume 4: Indices, and Manuscript Catalogues (2020)
I noted a press release about the series back in April, but this Brill page gives additional information.