Sunday, January 29, 2017

Suciu, The Berlin-Strasbourg Apocryphon

ALIN SUCIU: Hot off the press: The Berlin-Strasbourg Apocryphon. A Coptic Apostolic Memoir.
Alin Suciu, The Berlin-Strasbourg Apocryphon: A Coptic Apostolic Memoir (WUNT, 370; Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2017).

I am pleased to announce that my book on the Berlin-Strasbourg Apocryphon has just been published with Mohr Siebeck. The book is available HERE.

You may have also heard of this text as the Gospel of the Savior. It was originally published in 1999 by that title, but Dr. Suciu has argued that it is of the "pseudo-apostolic memoir" genre, rather than the gospel genre, and that it was composed not in the second century, but in the fifth century at the earliest. I have not seen Alin's book, which is a revision of his 2013 doctoral dissertation, but I have read his introduction and translation in Burke and Landau (eds.) New Testament Apocrypha: More Noncanonical Scriptures, volume 1 (Eerdmans, 2013), on which more here, here, and links.