Sunday, February 26, 2017

Deutsch, The Illustrated Pirkei Avot

The Illustrated Pirkei Avot: A Graphic Novel of Jewish Ethics

Ships on or before April 20, 2017.

Composed almost 2,000 years ago, Pirkei Avot is Judaism’s oldest and most important book of wisdom and ethics.
The book was designed to be memorable. Its ideas sticks in your head and grow as you do. There is no other book quite like it.
In this volume, Jessica Tamar Deutsch has fully and finally opened up Pirkei Avot for easy public consumption. The Illustrated Pirkei Avot pairs a complete English translation of the work with more than 120 richly illustrated drawings. (The complete Hebrew text is included as an appendix.)
Deutsch’s book is perfect for both children and adults; for personal use, classroom use, or for reading to children. It is a pleasure to hold and a pleasure to read.
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