Thursday, April 27, 2017

Albert Henrichs 1942-2017

SAD NEWS: Albert Henrichs, professor of Greek literature, dies at 74. Classical scholar was known for his edition of Manichaeism tract (Kathleen M. Coleman, The Harvard Gazette).
Henrichs’ most stunning coup was his discovery of a minuscule 192-page book, written in Greek in the fifth century A.D. Henrichs had carried the text — four lumps of ancient leather ― in a cigar box from Cologne to Vienna, where an expert conservator gradually unpeeled what turned out to be a sensation for the history of religion: a detailed tract about Manichaeism, a rival of Christianity, founded in Mesopotamia in the third century by a young mystic called Mani, whose autobiographical account of his divine revelations is quoted in the text.

Henrichs was just 26. His subsequent publication of the codex with the papyrologist Ludwig Koenen established his reputation as a Wunderkind of classical scholarship.
Requiescat in pace.

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