Saturday, May 27, 2017

Israel Numismatic Report

ASOR BLOG: Israel Numismatic Report: Important Finds, Altruistic Reporting, and the Law (David Hendin).
Readers of Israeli newspapers and archaeology blogs for the last few years have seen a notable uptick in the number of coin finds reported by “good Samaritans” (both Israelis and tourists) and turned into the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA), as well as some newsworthy numismatic finds at licensed excavations.

This led The Ancient Near East Today to ask me to look into the finds and their importance, as well as other numismatic discoveries in or related to Israel. I recently returned from Israel, where I talked with numismatic scholars, officials of the Israel Antiquities Authority, licensed antiquity dealers, and collectors. Here is my report.

PaleoJudaica frequently notes articles on ancient coins and their importance for our understanding of ancient Judaism etc. This article collects information about recent coin discoveries in Israel. It also reviews the laws and procedures for buying ancient coins there and exporting them. Cross-file under Numismatics.