Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Yadin's Temple Scroll edition on sale

FOR YOU, SPECIAL DEAL: Emanuel Tov forwards the following e-mail from the Israel Exploration Society (israelexplorationsociety@gmail.com):
Subject: THE TEMPLE SCROLL--FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! Yadin's 3-volume(+supplement) editio princeps is being offered at an unprecedented discount to scholars and students

Dear Friends,

I am writing you concerning our publication: The Temple Scroll, a boxed set consisting of three hard-cover volumes with a soft-cover volume of supplementary plates. Attached is a description from our catalog entry. You are certainly well familiar with this set.

We are in the process of reducing our warehouse stock and would like to know if you are interested in obtaining a quantity of these sets or have any other ideas about organizations that might be interested in acquiring copies. We have a considerable number of sets in stock in both English and Hebrew editions. We can offer you sets at a considerable discount: NIS 200 (or $50) per set (not including shipping--please inquire concerning shipping rates).

This offer will be available for a limited time only. We accept payment with all major credit cards.


Hillel Geva

The Temple Scroll is the longest scroll found at Qumran and one of the most important Dead Sea documents. It contains religious laws, most of which concern the Temple, its purity regulations, its festivals and the sacrifices and sacred food eaten there. Some of the laws differ from those found in other Jewish sources of the Second Temple period.

THE TEMPLE SCROLL, Y. Yadin [editio princeps in three volumes with supplement] (1984)
32 x 25 cm., hard cover, boxed
Price: $240 ($180 to IES members)
Vol. I: Introduction (408 pp.)
Vol. II: Text and Commentary (468 pp.)
Vol. III: Plates and Text (220 pp.)
Supplement: Supplementary Plates

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