Saturday, July 22, 2017

Review of Hunt, "Hannibal"

BOOK REVIEW: 'Hannibal' relates the famous general's story with wonderful energy. Archeologist and historian Patrick Hunt distills his survey of literature about the Second Punic War into a brightly dramatic story that covers virtually every anecdote connected with Hannibal. (Steve Donoghue, CSM).
We'll never be any closer to the actual truth of it than Livy and Polybius let us get, so the approach Patrick Hunt uses in his book – taking each working cog of the Hannibal story in its turn and a shining bright light of inquiry on it, bringing everything together so readers can have it all before them – is probably the wisest. And those readers can then go back to Livy on their own time.
I noted the book recently here. Follow the links there (cf. here) for many past posts on Hannibal and the Punic Wars.

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